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The story of John Colter is one that has resonated across nearly two centuries of western mountain culture. Colter pioneered much of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem with a set of snowshoes, a rifle, and a thirty pound pack. Over his winter he would adventure across what is now the largest wilderness expanse in the continental United States. Colter’s epic inspired Sawyer Thomas and Riis Wilbrecht to attempt the same route with their own unique perspective and style of adventure. Colter’s trek passed through the Absaroka, Beartooth, Gros Ventre and Teton Ranges, which are known for their remote premiere ski terrain. Over the winters of 2018 and 2019 Sawyer and Riis accompanied by friends skinned to these ranges to ski rarely frequented peaks. Thomas and Wilbrecht find their mental and physical limits through terrain that has remained relatively untouched since Colter's original expedition. Over the following spring, Sawyer solo-ran the route in a single month all to show that there are still great adventures out our backdoors.



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